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2015/10/21 18:00 UTC

No Winner Announced
SK Gaming

Vexed vs. SK @GO:CL

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Vexed are facing off against SK because they lost their starter match in their group against Na’vi, 0-2 at the start of this month. They are currently on a pretty bad losing streak, 5 matches gone past and Vexed have failed to pick up a win against PlanetKey, Na’vi, Fnatic, SK or DenDD. It’s been a pretty dry run for them so far, and I’m not too sure to expect from these guys following this rough patch. Still, they are a T2 team like SK and they are capable of winning if they coordinate together.


Very early this morning it was announced that k0nfig had left the lineup which does leave a pretty big hole in the team, since he was arguably one of the ‘better’ fraggers in the team. However, HLTV lists a fella that goes by the name ‘Magiskb0Y’ to be standing in. I have never heard of this guy, but upon further investigation, I found that he has played a couple of times this year so he is not a complete newbie to the scene. His ESEA RWS is 18.19 which is pretty damn good (source: and his HLTV rating is 1.14, but this is assuming that he has played against worst players than Vexed.

This will be the first match that we will see this team play without k0nfig, and we really have no telling how the new guy will do with this team. SK’s most recent matches have also not been too good, with them losing matches to Dignitas, HR, Reason and DenDD.

Though, the last time these two teams faced off, SK came out on top, winning 2-1 interestingly enough.


SKIP this match if you are not confident. Vexed is seriously slacking and SK have a new player playing for them. I do have a hunch that SK will win here, but this is seriously a 50-50 match. Bet accordingly or don’t bet at all.

My odds for this match: Vexed 50:50 SK Gaming


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