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2015/10/22 21:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic
Team SoloMid


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Fnatic vs. TSM @ESL

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Oh lordy lord. BO1 between TSM and Fnatic on Mirage, lets get started.

TSM = So without a doubt, for me at least, the best team in the world. TSM recently had that 22 unbeaten spree or whatever it was, however NiP broke that and then yesterday they also dropped a map to VP quite heavily, 16:5 on Overpass. TSM is quite good on Mirage, obviously. It’s a map that they have had good results on historically and recently, so the map isn’t a worry for TSM here. I think that one of the reasons for TSM’s recent rise is the fact that the Double D, aka Dupreeh and Device just really have been stepping up their game, especially Device. These two when on form, are practically unstoppable and given Fnatic’s recent form, these two can cause a lot of trouble.

Fnatic = Obviously Fnatic are not in the brightest of form as of right now, should’ve lost to HR yesterday but I won’t get into that. I constantly want to give Fnatic a chance, since at the end of the day they are Fnatic, however everytime I do that they’ve disappointed me as of late. Just like for TSM, Mirage is a really strong map for Fnatic, last time these two met on Mirage it actually ended 16:13 in favor of Fnatic, so keep that one in mind, really close game. I think much will just come down to which Fnatic we will see here unfortunately, will we see a rejuvenated Fnatic or will we see the one that nearly lost to Vexed recently, and has gotten demolished by Envy and TSM as of recent. Much of Fnatic’s recent results have come due to their players, may it be JW, Olof, Krimz or Flusha, just stepping up big time and carrying the team, which in theory should not get rewarded vs a team like TSM.

Conclusion = Overall, a very close game this is going to be, unless we see a repeat of TSM vs Fnatic as of recent where TSM just stomps on Fnatic. For the spectator this is a really good game to watch, however for the bettor it’s just nail biting. Really high risk, I recommend only betting a low, 3% here max. So I will favor TSM here, given both of the teams form, and because historically of course TSM are the team that always manages to come up against Fnatic really well. 60-40 in favor of TSM here. JW’s tweet summed it up for me yesterday. ”Some teams save strats for the major, I saw skills’

My odds = 60-40 TSM

Risk level = Sky high

My bet = 3% on TSM

My advice = 3% on TSM.

Note: This analysis consists of factual information and my own personal opinion on the matchup mentioned above. Your opinion may differ completely, but this does not make mine nor yours wrong so please don’t give me stick for nothing. I am not really responsible for any losses, however if you followed my advice, we both probably got it wrong and I am down to cry in a teamspeak chat with you.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 40:60 Team SoloMid


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