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2015/10/22 21:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming
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SK Gaming

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SK vs. Penta @ESL Predictions

While neither team has been having good results, SK just lost Tenzki. He was a good player for them, and it should cause some trouble for the team to lose him. They will be using magiskboy instead, who has played one game with SK. They lost 8-16 to Dignitas. Train is definitely a favorable map for SK as Penta don’t play it very often and aren’t that good at it, but without Tenzki it will be harder for SK. Penta played SK twice around 20 days ago, and they won both matches. However when they played them on Train, they lost by a big margin. This was with a slightly different lineup, and they also had Niko to stand in who topfragged.

While SK are better at Train, it’s worth going low on Penta. SK just lost Tenzki, and haven’t been getting the best results lately. Good luck!

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 45:55 Penta

Hard game to predict to be honest. SK are almost a dead team it feels like, but Penta’s record on train is really bad. Out of all their games on Train, albeit with a different roster in some of them.

4 -16 NIP

3 – 16 SK

5 – 16 TSM

6 – 16 TSM

14 – 16 Titan

8 – 16 NIP

3 – 16 fnatic

I would hardly feel confident betting on them with these kinds of results. The other problem with this game is SK. They are having line-up issues, and we have not really seen much from them since. They even played a match 4v5 which could even happen tonight as well. SK for sure have the better results on Train, but with these roster issues and the risk involved here, I would suggest playing the odds, going LOW/ICB on SK depending on your bank roll, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 50:50 Penta

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