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RGN Freedom! Cup

Best Of 3
2015/10/23 03:00 UTC

Winner compLexity Gaming
compLexity Gaming


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CLG vs. coL @RGN Freedom! Cup

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I put this game as a high risk, why? It’s RGN cup, a cup that CLG doesent care about, as we saw in the leader1 game.. Anyhow this is a bo3 versus a better team then leader1, and I dont think CLG wanna loose this anyway. In my opinion is CLG the better team, better map-pool and such. If the odds stay around 70-75% i recommend a medium bet on CLG.

My bet: Medium CLG

My odds for this match: CLG 70:30 compLexity Gaming

With the major just over a week away, I highly doubt CLG will want to show anything in this cup. There is a lower bracket and still a few games after this one, even if they win, and the first prize for the cup is a mere $3000. They will not jeopardise their potential performance at the major for such a small amount.

I actually still don’t think coL’s chances are THAT high to take this game. CLG even on a bad day could take them, and coL will need to have a strong performance to take this one. This includes all of their players stepping it up.

With CLG going to the major, and the odds being so heavily favoured towards CLG, the only logical thing you can do is go LOW/ICB on coL and hope for a good result. This is a risky game and my ‘gut’ feeling isn’t that strong for a coL victory, but with these odds it is far too risky to go on CLG.

My odds for this match: CLG 65:35 compLexity Gaming


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