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2015/10/25 02:00 UTC

Winner CLG


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Cloud9 vs. CLG @ESL

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Interesting game here perhaps. Cloud9 are not the best Mirage side in the world, and honestly don’t reaaaallly need the win as much as CLG do. They could easily lose this game and still come first. CLG are currently in 5th and need the win. There are a few problems for this match however.

Firstly, both sides will be at the major shortly and won’t want to show anything on this map. Secondly, CLG are notorious for playing worse online and have lost a lot of easy games recently. There is a chance C9 will come in to this and blow CLG out of the water, but with the major coming up, CLG needing this more than C9, and it being Mirage, a map C9 struggle on sometimes, the only advice I can give is go LOW/ICB on CLG or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 60:40 CLG

I’m not quite sure why Cloud9 have 66%, considering the map is Mirage. Mirage is considered to be the 2nd worst map of Cloud9, right behind Inferno. They rarely play it, and when they do it’s not too good. They’ve played it twice recently, against FE and Coast. Against FollowEsports they actually lost in overtime, and they just barely beat Coast. If this was instead a normal map for Cloud9 such as Overpass, Cloud9 would definitely beat both teams easily. They’ve tried to practice their Mirage, but really they are still a very bad team on it.

It really depends on what CLG we see playing today, as their Mirage has been up and down. They usually like playing Mirage, but if they don’t try/don’t care they will flop. They’re known for doing that on online games. With the major coming up, both teams may try to hide their real play on this map. Especially CLG, since they will probably be wanting to play this map against EU teams. As for recent results, CLG just barely beat FE on Mirage. While the score was close, it was never really going to be a win for Follow Esports. CLG started off by getting 14 CT rounds, and it just seemed like they weren’t really trying their best for the rest of the match.

This match depends if CLG try as they should, because sometimes in online matches they’re known for not trying/caring. If both teams give it their all on this map I can see CLG making an upset, but with the major so close it’s hard to tell if the teams will be using their real Mirage play. The best advice is to go low on CLG right now, since these odds are kind of crazy. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Cloud9 58:42 CLG


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