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2015/10/28 19:23 UTC

Winner EnVyUs


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EnVyUs vs. Dignitas @Dreamhack

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Maps: best of 1


Odds When Posted: Envy 87% vs Dignitas 13%


Data: Envy is known for losing in the group stages best of 1 matches against some weaker opponents initially but recovering later to smash them in the bracket stage. I do think that Dignitas has an okay chance of winning but overall at these odds a bet on either side is pretty much fair. I don’t really expect Envy to lose but since it is Envy we really can’t be 100% sure.


Prediction: Envy 16:12


Risk: Medium


Advice: Bet on either side is fine


My Bet: Medium Envy $600

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 85:15 Dignitas

Think ENVY should win this relativly easy. They are obviously the big favorite here especially after the lineup change from Dignitas 1 week ago.
I dont see Dignitas ahead on any map except for Overpass but iam 100% sure this wont be played 😀

Good luck!

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My odds for this match: EnVyUs 70:30 Dignitas

BO1 between Dignitas and Envy, going to keep this one short since pretty much straight to the point.


I am a fan of Dignitas, so when I speak about them I really want them to do well. It is scarily amazing how badly Dignitas tends to perform vs tier 1 teams for the most part, literally humiliated, especially by Envyus. Dignitas is top 3 tier 2 team at the moment, and for them to struggle so much with anyone relatively better than them is worrying. Schneider just left Dignitas, which is a great shame since in my eyes he was really instrumental for them in the fragging department, but I reckon communication is more important. They have brought in Tenzki about a week before the major began, and honestly, lets just say I am not the biggest fan of Tenzki, definitely a downgrade in individual skill.

Just do not think that Dignitas are quite ready to upset Envy just as of yet. Envy have a history of them getting upset by teams in BO1 at the start of LAN’s, so be wary. Dignitas is definitely very capable, and i’d be glad if they won this however eh. 75-25 in favor of Envy here. Since Dignitas have 20% on Lounge right now, I’ll go medium on Envy if they stay above 18% for Dignitas, otherwise I’l just skip/ICB Digntias as a bet on Digntias is no longer really justified.

My odds = 75:25 Envy

Risk level = Medium

My bet = 8% Envy is odds stick

My advice = Read conclusion

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 75:25 Dignitas


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