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2015/11/07 01:30 UTC

Winner Dignitas


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Liquid vs. Dignitas @CEVO

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Think Liquid should win this 2-1 or 2-0
Only thing that can happen is that aizy goes rape mode and becomes a 1 man army.
Good luck

My odds for this match: Liquid 65:35 Dignitas


Liquid have really been impressing me lately. It looks like they are motivated to take over the number 1 NA spot, with C9 not looking too great as of late. Since the addition of Hiko some time ago, I think something has clicked with the team, and Hiko has brought the “win everything and try your best” mentality along with him when he joined. The last LAN that the Liquid boys were at was at the Romanian Cluj-Napoca major hosted by Dreamhack. Even though they were knocked out in the group stage by NiP and VP, Liquid still did take VP into OT on Cobblestone (15-19) and they did take 11 rounds off NiP on Mirage. It’s a good step for Liquid and getting more international experience is crucial for the team.

Since coming home from that major, they have 5 BO1’s, winning 2 of them (Luminosity and Winterfox). They did lost to FE, CLG and Winterfox. I don’t think these results should be taken too seriously though, since these sets of BO1’s don’t mean too much and Liquid also has better things to think about like this LAN.


Dignitas have been a bit jumbled lately, with schneider going due to communication problems. He has been replaced by ‘tenzki’ who is a Danish player so that should eliminate some of the communication problems. In terms of fragging power, I still think schneider is better but regardless, he is a good fit for the team and how he performs in this LAN will determine his future on the team.

At Cluj-Napoca, like Liquid, Dignitas were eliminated in the group stage. Both of the matches that they played was on Cobblestone, and they were knocked out by CLG (14-16) and EnvyUs (6-16). Since then they have had just one match, a devastating 4-16 loss to NiP on Train.

Advice and final thoughts

Despite Dignitas’s recent performance, I still think they have a fighting chance. I know for a fact that the talent is on the team, it’s just seeing if they have ironed out some flaws and have prepared as a team for this LAN. Liquid also have been doing well and they look very promising as an NA team. I’m going to go low on Dignitas here.

My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 Dignitas

Am not feeling the Dignitas roster lately to be honest and I actually favour Liquid for this game. I think dig will have a hard time taking it, and they will need aizy going huge as well as the rest stepping up for them to take it. Liquid have been performing well lately and are argubably the best NA side right now. The balance in their side is much better since they took in Hiko, and although they had a few slip ups online since the major, you should ignore them really.

They should of taken NIP, if they knew how to close out games better, they would of done. Every tournament they play, I see them improving and see signs they can go on to be a good team. They just need to get EliGE able to sit in, in important rounds when they have the advantage.

Although the odds are not great, I don’t feel confident betting on Liquid, and think they should take it 2-0/2-1. I am not sure if I will personally bet as the odds are not great, but my bet would be LOW on Liquid if I did.

My odds for this match: Liquid 60:40 Dignitas


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