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2015/11/06 23:00 UTC

Winner Luminosity

Titan vs. LG @CEVO

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Titan – yet an other major failure, this time with scream in for maniac… they started strong with a convincing win over NiP on cobble, but their suprisingly good performance turned out to be a onetime success, cause VP stomped them on train right after. In the elimination match vs NiP again they almost had cache, played sloppy, lost 14-16 and went full tilt on dust2 – 1-16.

LG – complete opposite of titan, extremely strong start vs Cloud9 with perfect reads on dust2 and a direct quarter final ticket with a win over fnatic on inferno. LG caused one of the biggest upsets in the tournament and definitely made some good promo here. Even in the quarter finals they delivered an excellent show vs NaVi and only due to little mistakes they lost 14-16, 13-16 on d2 and overpass respectively.

Talking about possible maps in this specific matchup i guess Titan will veto overpass. This map is basically a free win for LG, but ex6 will know it.

Train will probably get banned by LG, they’re not that experienced on it and i believe it’s not the right time to test their skills vs a really decent eu train team.

Titan will pick Cobble, LG has all the opportunities – they can pick whatever they feel like: inferno, dust2, cache, mirage – they’re really confident and prepared on these maps and won’t be afraid to play any of them.

My guess: cobble, dust2, cache

I think it’s not relevant to judge them by some random online performances before the major, therefore i didn’t even listed them or anything, but considering their performance at the major and overall this matchup feels like a gamble, but due to the possible maps i personally give the underdog (LG) the slight edge here. In case overpass will not be banned by Titan, you know what to do.

Would be suprised to see a 2-0 or 0-2 here, prepare for a 3 mapper..


My odds for this match: Titan 50:50 Luminosity

Bet on LG
Good luck

My odds for this match: Titan 50:50 Luminosity

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