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2015/11/06 19:00 UTC

Winner Vega

Vega vs. USSR @Starseries

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It’s no secret that Vega have been putting up some pretty sub par results as of late. Since lamp was added, Vega has not been the same and I personally wouldn’t give them the title as the best RU/CIS team anymore. They still however are a team which can perform well if they want to do so. They are a “hit and miss” sort of team in my eyes, so the result of the matches that they play in depend if they’re having a good day or not.

Their last match on record was against Refuse on the 1st of this month. They ended up winning the showmatch 2-1 by winning Cache and Overpass after dropping Mirage. In late October, they played 4 matches, of which they won 3 (won VS WildSource, Piter and ttc). Their one loss was against WildSource, a temporary name for essentially jOELZ and his buddies following the NerdRage scandal.


This is a very different USSR from what we have seen in the past. For one, this is not the Russian lineup like the name suggests, but rather a Polish lineup. Some of the players look familiar to me, and I have managed to place the names to a team. I remember last seeing these guys play in the ESL Polish Championship under the name Distinct 5. The lineup is pretty much the same, however instead of Fullspeed playing, a fella called skillstheory will be stepping in. Distinct 5 at that ESL event won none of their 2 matches played, losing to Vexed and 31337.

Since that event, I don’t recall seeing any of the players playing for a team in any matches. But from what I can gather, they are T3-4 team with not too much experience.

Advice and final notes

Vega. This match should go in Vega’s way if they are serious about this. This is SLTV single elimination bracket, so if Vega don’t win, they’re just out. I really am not sure how USSR will be playing, so I guess this is a good learning experience for me as a predictor and you as the bettor. Personally, I think Vega will win this but I don’t think the odds will be too great to bet on. Current odds are 81-19 favoring Vega. It’s slowly decreasing but idk what it’ll level out to in the end.

My odds for this match: Vega 75:25 USSR


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