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2015/11/07 15:59 UTC

Winner Titan
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Titan vs. Na’Vi @CEVO Predictions

Navi vs Titan should be a good game. Both teams looked pretty bad yesterday and I am curious to see how they do today. Titan looked poor but seemed to care more at least, from their tweets and how they spoke about the game. Navi feels more like they are on holiday, which for me at least makes betting on this game risky. The maps in the Veto strongly favour Navi in my eyes, due to them having a much stronger map pool.

Titan will have a chance on Cobble, D2 and Cache, but I think Navi should take the others. Due to how the veto works, Titan may end up with only one of these, with Cache probably being the one eliminated. Navi have a good chance of taking the other two as well, which makes this match hard for Titan. Inferno and Overpass are other maps they have a chance on, but Mirage and Train should be Navi maps.

They have played twice on Overpass in recent times, and both times it went to Overtime, which at least says Titan can compete with them on it. Titan’s overall record on Overpass isn’t great though, they just seem to have close games against Navi, and lose to everyone else. Perhaps their play style works well vs Navi on this map.

I think if Navi turn up, they can take this game, but with how they played yesterday, I really don’t feel confident. With the odds currently being how they are right now, I would go LOW/ICB on Titan or SKIP. This is a risky one and I don’t really feel confident on either.

My odds for this match: Titan 40:60 Na’Vi

Dont know if its smart to bet on this, if ill bet on this it will be a last minute decision. Just follow me on Twitter if you wanna know if i bet on this or not.
Good luck

My odds for this match: Titan 37:63 Na’Vi

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