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2015/11/11 19:00 UTC

Winner mousesports

NiP vs. mouz at ESL

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I think that Mouz should be slightly favored for this one. Mouseports’s Mirage is a pretty good, and it’s for sure one of their better maps. At the CEVO lan they beat both Na’Vi and Luminosity on Mirage, and while they still lost to Virtus Pro they were pretty impressive wins. Mouz actually got to the final of the ESL Lan by surprising Na’Vi and beating LG and Conquest. They ended up getting destroyed by Virtus Pro in the end, but it was definitely a new mouz we saw. Sometimes after a LAN teams tend to not play as well, whether they’re tired from jetlag or something else. This is a small possibility.

NiP’s have beaten Mouseports many  consecutive times in a row, but if Mouseports have a possibility to upset anytime soon I think this might be the match. NiP’s Mirage is not the best, and they don’t necessarily like to play it very often. Their most recent match on Mirage was against SK gaming where they lost 12-16, which obviously isn’t good for them. They played that match yesterday.

Map wise Mouz are better at Mirage, but there are several things that could go against them here. They could be jet-lagged, out-aimed, or more. While NiP always seem to beat Mouz, if Mouz have any chance to upset them at all in the near future this match may be it. I suggest a low bet on Mouz as long as the odds don’t get too high. Good luck!

My odds for this match: NiP 47:53 mousesports

They dont have much to play for anymore, it seems like NiP dont care that much anymore and Mouz just returning home from their US trip, i wouldnt trust my skins in either of these teams and odds is 50/50 aswell so this is a clear skip for me.

My odds for this match: NiP 50:50 mousesports

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