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2015/11/11 21:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi


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Na’Vi vs. Penta at GO:CL

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Should be a straight forward match here, with Na’vi taking the win 2-0 or if they aren’t playing well, Penta could snatch a map here and make it a close one. The first place prize of this online league is $25,000 with the second prize being $15,000. This is a good amount of money for just a few matches being played now, and Na’vi should be able to win the league outright or come second with VP being their only real threat.


Na’vi has been to Cluj-Napoca and CEVO LAN recently, and they have been very busy. Surprisingly enough, Na’vi got to the grand finals of the Cluj-Napoca major but alas their best efforts were not enough, as they lost 0-2 in the grand finals. A little anti-climactic for the viewers, but they still got a good chunk of money from said event. The more recent event though was the CEVO LAN, and Na’vi did not do well at all. They allowed themselves to get knocked out by Titan and Mouz in the initial group stages. 1-2 to Titan and 0-2 to Mouz. Could this be the post-LAN effect?

Na’vi has not had an online match for quite some time, and this will be their first one since the major. We don’t know how they’ll do since they have been extremely busy as of late, but they NEED to win this in order to get closer to winning some prize money since this is a single elimination bracket league.


Penta have dropped off as being “the best German team” as they have boasted before in the past. Today we saw them face off against PKD in a BO2, where they didn’t lose but they didn’t win either, 1-1 tying them when they probably should’ve won. Their 4 matches before that as suggested by HLTV’s “recent 5 matches” have all been loses however those losses have been to significantly better teams with the likes of EnvyUs, NiP, Mouz and Fnatic. I won’t go any further back than that, but Penta are a decent T2 team which have on and off performances.

Final thoughts and advice

Considering the current circumstances, Na’vi should take this but Penta could take a map off them. I see some chance for an upset but I won’t count on it. This is an important match for Na’vi, and they really do have a good chance to win that $25,000 and they really should play to the best of their abilities. Bet on: Na’vi but odds most likely won’t allow for a good return.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 85:15 Penta


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