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2015/11/13 03:00 UTC

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coL vs. LG at Faceit Predictions

BO1 on Inferno, a map that coL seem to think is now one of if not their strongest. I am not so sure of this, but they for sure have a chance against LG on this map. The slow almost Navi like play of LG can be hard to maintain, but if you can get enough info and get your rotates well, you have a chance against them on this map. Fallen cannot be as dominate as he is on other maps, and Fer finds it a little hard sneaking in peoples backs.

Complexity are like that cowboy film, the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes what they do really works, and I think this team can finally go some where. Then I just see them force buy and do stupid peaks and lose. The last two times we saw coL on this map, they were destroyed by FE, and somehow won, and then destroyed FE the following night

There is also the fact they have a game scheduled at the same time vs Conquest, so we will have to see what happens with this map.

I think if LG show up, and a few of the guys of coL go missing, then LG can take this, but with the odds being so low, and the unpredictable nature of coL, I would suggest going ICB/LOW on them if you have the spare skins. If you have less than 20 skins, I wouldn’t advise betting on a game like this.

My odds for this match: compLexity Gaming 35:65 Luminosity

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