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2015/11/13 20:00 UTC

Winner NiP


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NiP vs. VP at Faceit

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NiP haven’t been having the best online results lately, and many people expect changes in their lineup. If this is true they may not care as much, and it could affect the match tomorrow. The reason I give Virtus Pro the advantage is because of the map, Mirage. NiP’s Mirage is pretty weak, and their two most recent online matches were losses to SK and Hellraisers on this map. It is for sure one of their worst maps and it is the exact opposite for Virtus Pro.

Virtus Pro have been taking their usual break after winning a tournament, and all of their matches lately have just been terrible from them. They’ve been getting very few rounds against teams such as Dignitas and Mouz, except for their 16-13 win against Titan. Historically Mirage is Virtus Pro’s best map. They win nonstop on Mirage from their great T side. Last time they played NiP on Mirage they won 16-7.

This is quite a risky bet, but Virtus Pro should be winning. It really depends what Virtus Pro we will be seeing tomorrow. As long as the odds for Virtus Pro are 65% or under, bet on them.

My odds for this match: NiP 35:65 VP

Pretty important game for VP, and only semi important for NIP. NIP could do with 1 or 2 more wins to guarantee themselves top 5, but I honestly don’t see them winning this.

Nips record on Mirage in recent weeks is :

NiP (8) mousesports (16)

NiP (12) SK (16)

NiP (16) Liquid (11)

NiP (10) EnVyUs (16)

NiP (13) fnatic (16)

NiP (8) TSM (16)

NiP (7) (16)

NiP (14) fnatic (16)

NiP (13) TSM (16)

NiP (10) FlipSid3 (16)

This is really not impressive at all. Their only win was a struggle against Liquid. Mirage is still one of VP’s best maps, and if they can reach anything like the level they can reach, they should be able to take this. The odds are not great right now, but if they drop on VP, it should make for a good bet.

If I had to bet on this game, I would go LOW on VP. This is a BO1, and therefore a risky game so don’t bet too much.

My odds for this match: NiP 35:65 VP


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