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2015/11/14 20:00 UTC

Winner Renegades

CLG vs. Renegades at iBUYPOWER Cup

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This match up is between CLG and Renegades, an NA powerhouse vs the team representing down under. CLG has put up a ton of domestic performances lately, and have even fared well at LAN. Renegades, well they played last about a month ago, where  they had a rough start but finished strong. Let’s get into maps, which will play a large roll here as it is a BO1.

CLG have a really good map pool. Their train is a bit weak along with mirage, but other than that they have a really solid map pool, which is enough for them here. Renegades are not faring too well in this aspect. They have a really strong cache,  but when you look at their other maps they just don’t stack up vs LG. On Dust2 they are 0-4, on inferno they have no real recent results, and they don’t compare to CLG on cbbl or overpass. If the map is cache or one of the two maps CLG should ban then yes, they do have a decent shot.

As it stands, everything is pointing towards CLG for me. They have more break out players like jdm who have been on point lately. They also have way more experience and success lately, both online and on LAN. At Cluj they took Na’Vi (one of the finalists) to the third map in a BO3 and made it really close, a lot closer than anyone expected. Add in the map discrepancy between the two teams and I can’t help but bet on CLG. However, this is no sure win. While I have been talking Renegades down this whole time they are capable of showing up here, and CLG could be off there game. Because of this it is high risk and I wouldn’t put anything over a small or medium bet on it!

My odds for this match: CLG 57:43 Renegades

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