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RGN Pro Series LAN

Best Of 1
2015/11/16 23:40 UTC

Winner NME


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NME vs. CLG at RGN Pro Series LAN

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CLG do have the odd bad game from time to time and have been known to be upset from lesser sides themselves. NME are not a bad side, and if the odds stay around this. The most logical thing you can do is go ICB on NME. If koosta and co can show up, and it be a good map for them such as train, than they do have a chance here. CLG showed that even when they played a Renegades not on their game, they can still struggle. ICB here on NME, or SKIP if you don’t have a large amount of skins.

My odds for this match: NME 35:65 CLG

These odds are not accurate at all. CLG should be favored, but to be honest they didn’t look all that great at the iBuyPower Lan. Against Liquid they had a pretty poor showing, and they didn’t look all that special in the group stages. CLG are more experienced, CLG are better on paper, and CLG will be motivated to come back from their iBuyPower losses.

Enemy have been having some decent online matches leading up this, but if they want to have a chance at beating CLG Relyks and Koosta will have to be on fire. CLG have beaten Enemy 5/5 of their last matches, but it is a Lan BO1 so anything can happen. In BO1s pistols can determine a lot, so if Enemy somehow get lucky and win both pistols they have a great shot at winning. This is Enemy’s first “big” Lan, so I’m interested to see how they play. They did go to Fragadelphia and lose in the finals to Torqued, but this is definitely a bigger scale Lan.

CLG should be taking this, but with this being a BO1 and the odds being 80-20 it is worth an ICB on Enemy. There is a small chance they could come out swinging and surprise everyone, or they could win both pistols and take the game from there. Good luck.

My odds for this match: NME 35:65 CLG


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