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RGN Pro Series LAN

Best Of 1
2015/11/16 21:00 UTC

Winner NME
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Nexus vs. NME at RGN Pro Series LAN Predictions

Nexus are not that know a roster to be honest. Most of you will probably remember gloRinsz from various rosters with hades and relyks. He is a decent player, but has an incredibly fiery temper which can cause issues sometimes. emode is a semi known player as well, but apart from that, there isn’t really much to go on. They are an average bunch of players, who should on paper, not be as good as NME.

NME are a really inconsistent side, they rely heavily on koosta and the at least a few of the other guys stepping up. They boast some impressive results, but also some poor ones. They had a close game against LG, an overtime win against 3sUP, a close loss to Liquid, and a victory against c9, as well as some poor results against lesser sides.

I think NME should be taking games like this, and I would be surprised if they lost. The odds on CSGL are about right , but as I think NME to be the better side, if they stay as this, I would go on them if I decided to bet.

My odds for this match: Nexus 40:60 NME

I would be pretty surprised if Enemy lost this. Yes it is a BO1 on day one of Lan, but Enemy are simply the better team here. They’ve been playing for a lot longer than Nexus, and they seem like they are prepared for this Lan. Their online results have been pretty decent, with a win against 3sUP and even a 16-12 win against Cloud9 on Cache. They’ve also had a couple losses to Liquid and LG, but they played both of them pretty closely.

Enemy should be winning this. They are more prepared, they are more experienced, and they have better aim. Even though it is a BO1 I don’t see Nexus getting more than ten rounds. A medium bet works here.

My odds for this match: Nexus 23:77 NME

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