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RGN Pro Series LAN

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2015/11/17 08:30 UTC

No Winner Announced
compLexity Gaming


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Method vs. coL at RGN Pro Series LAN

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Method are actually a decent side, and by this point we should have a better idea just how good or bad they will play with their stand-in. I think by now they should be on 1 win and coL probably on 1 loss. CoL then will for sure be wanting to win this, and do everything they can too, or they could risk the punishment of actually going out of the LAN in the groups. If Method win their first game, and coL get stuffed by c9, it may make betting here more advisable as the odds should of improved, as right now they are far too bad to bet. If coL drop some, you could get away with a bet on them as the risk of them losing this game in my eyes, is only Medium.

My odds for this match: Method 35:65 compLexity Gaming

Seeing the way Complexity performed at the iBP LAN really opened up my eyes at how much of a great IGL SEMPHIS was, especially since he was the IGL on Cloud9. SEMPHIS is reworking and improving his leadership with this roster and should be able to bring them far into this LAN. The talent on the team isn’t spectacular but just the teamwork is better than most North American teams, having this team being at the top from watching this LAN.

On the other hand team Method is a team running on pure skill, just barely above Complexity’s but have yet to show themselves capable of out playing other teams. I’ve seen method make some questionable buys, plays and some odd decisions mid game which have lost them rounds that should’ve been easy. Method doesn’t have the leadership to take out Complexity and that’s really going to impact performance against Complexity. I can’t see Method taking more than 10 rounds off of this game against Complexity unless they step up their game tremendously.

A Medium bet on Complexity is recommended. 

My odds for this match: Method 30:70 compLexity Gaming


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