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RGN Pro Series LAN

Best Of 1
2015/11/17 03:00 UTC

Winner Cloud9
compLexity Gaming


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Cloud9 vs. coL at RGN Pro Series LAN

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Complexity showed a decent level for the most part of the tournament before being demolished by C9 in a very one sided match. It was on inferno, a map coL were very confident about getting them on. I think for this match, coL will aim for Cobble or D2, 2 maps they love to play. The problem is, c9 are also good on both these maps, which will make it hard for coL. On top of that, c9 are now back in their grove, and winning the IBP Lan will do wonders for their confidence, and they will thoroughly believe they can take this whole event.

The odds for me right now make for a perfect underdog bet on coL, we have yet to see how c9 will be with swag, and although he is a good player, it may mess up their team play. LOW/ICB on coL as the odds are good.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 70:30 compLexity Gaming

Cloud 9 may have gotten off their tilt but SEMPHIS just pulled a stride and sprang team complexity into the top NA teams even ahead team CLG. Both teams have massive skill and talent but this game should be going towards Cloud 9 as they have a better IGL and clearly better talent along with great team work. During the iBP LAN, both teams displayed dynamic game leadership, meaning that they can come up with counter strats on the fly, something that’s only been seen by high tier European teams but Cloud 9 had better results due to having better team  chemistry.

In the end, Cloud 9 has slightly better team leadership and chemistry but significantly better talent which will be key for them winning this game. Cloud 9 should be winning this game although expect Complexity to make this hard on Cloud 9 to win.

A Medium bet on Cloud 9 is recommended. 

My odds for this match: Cloud9 65:35 compLexity Gaming


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