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RGN Pro Series LAN

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2015/11/16 23:40 UTC

Winner Renegades


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Renegades vs. Nexus at RGN Pro Series LAN

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I have yet to see anything from the Nexus side to suggest they have what it takes to take down a side like Renegades in a BO1.The odds are currently really bad for betting on this game, but if Nexus can perform well against NME, and Renegades lose to CLG as I think will happen, the odds might just be bearable for a bet here, but we need to wait and see. If the odds drop, for sure go LOW on Renegades. I can’t analyse too much on this game as they have never met and one of the sides is a lot of tiers ahead of the other.

My odds for this match: Renegades 75:25 Nexus

Winning is a MUST for the Renegades. They have been made the laughing stock of the casters/analysts in the NA scene and they have only just recently moved there to compete locally with the teams housed in NA. They were recently embarrassed by Luminosity Gaming at the iBP LAN, losing 0-16 and the Australians were knocked out pretty early following losses from CLG and LG. They did however win one match initially against CLG though.

Nexus are a familiar name to many bettors who follow the NA scene but they are presenting a fairly new lineup. The names are definitely not familiar to me at all however I have heard of glorinz and emode before (IIRC, emode playing in MostlyH a while back). In my eyes, they are a T3 NA team. For some of the players here, going to a LAN this big will be a fairly new thing if they haven’t gone once already.

Renegades should take this. They have to take this if they want their reputation to stay in the positive. They need to get as many wins as they can in order to progress through this LAN and I think they will try their best in this match. Nexus has a little chance for an upset but if they are on their best map or a PUG style map, things could get close here.

My odds for this match: Renegades 85:15 Nexus


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