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2015/11/14 20:00 UTC

Winner VP


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Titan vs. VP at Faceit

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This is a super high risk match, and will be very hard to call, but in the end you will see why I think Titan is the smart bet.

Titan and VP have a sort of rivalry going on lately, and have played a ton, with VP coming out on top almost every time. The most recent being a couple days away where VP beat them on train. This is a different case though, because that was on train, VP’s best map. Looking at cbbl thought they are strong there too for sure. So is Titan though. When we look at results on it both teams have their ups and downs. If I had to give an edge to one team based solely on the map I think VP would get the edge here. Let’s get into each teams recent form.

VP played good yesterday, but not great, and this applies to the past week for them too. They lost to G2 on train, but that’s the third time in the past few weeks. VP played good, G2 just played better and had the clutches that tilted the game there way. Against NIP on mirage they got off to a good start, and were up 14-10 on CT side, but lost 16-14. This is not good because A. they made plain stupid decisions regarding strats and their economy, and B. on paper they should’ve never lost that. NIP’s mirage, especially their t side, isn’t the best, while it’s a good map for VP. The Poles then went on to dominate nV on cache, which looks great until you look at why it was possible. To start, VP did play amazing, that’s for sure, but not only did nV not have KennyS, a huge factor, but they had no motivation to win the game. They just didn’t seem to care too much.

While we haven’t seen a ton from Titan recently what we have seen has looked good, which boils down to dominating HR on three maps. The Penta and VP game I think are worth discarding as  Titan (and VP) had just gotten back from CEVO. But vs HR, Titan looked like a well oiled machine and were in great form. While HR wasn’t playing great and Titan was favorites all of their players just looked so on point. I think they’re looking pretty hot.

It boils down to a few things. Not only is VP not in good form, but this is online, where they can have terrible games for no reason or the best game of their life. Also, Titan is looking good. Last time they played the map was really close, and Titan are still looking for those convincing wins against Virtus.Pro. I think this is their chance to get off to a good start.

My odds for this match: Titan 50:50 VP


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