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Best Of 1
2015/11/15 20:10 UTC

Winner VP

VP vs. Titan at Faceit

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time we will take a look at facing off against Titan. It is a best of 1 and the map will be Train.

VP and Titan played eachother alot the last few days. Some games got close but VP managed to always come out on top. Of the matches these teams played eachother train was a map that got played several times and again VP came out on top. Yesterday we saw Titan having a bad day. I believe this might be due to the paris attack since it is close for them and might have a huge impact on the players.

Titan, like i said, had some bad results yesterday. They got totally run over by Hellraisers ( losing 16-3 on a map they beat HR on a few days earlier ). Train is a map Titan can upset on. Like i said they had some close results against VP but they also managed to take out Na’Vi on it not to long ago.

VP is a team that has almost always been good on Train. They lost to it on g2 yesterday but i feel like g2 is going so strong at the moment. On paper VP should really win this one. They got alot of good stats on this map and it looks like they should have more experience. Also VP can still get a spot for the faceit lan finals and i dont think Titan has got a shot on that.

For this match i would place a medium(or low if you dont like taking risks ) on VP. They took out Titan previously and i believe they will do it again. VP didn’t look to good against fnatic and g2. However they managed to beat envy with 16-4. Since VP still has a chance to get to the lan finals i believe they will go all out.

I will place around 5-10% on VP.



My odds for this match: VP 65:35 Titan

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