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2015/11/15 19:00 UTC

Winner VP


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NiP vs. VP at Faceit

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Virtus Pro have really been inconsistent in their online matches lately. They’ve been straight up destroying some teams, and then losing easy matches to others. For example they crushed Envy on Cache 16-4 one day, but on the next they were CT side Mirage 13-5 vs NiP and allowed NiP to win 16-14. This match should be very high risk.

The main reason I favor Virtus Pro here is the map. Cobblestone is definitely one of Virtus Pro’s favorite maps. They usually have great results on cobble and I would definitely rank it up with Mirage and Train in terms of how good Virtus Pro are on each map. Their T sides are extremely hard to stop, which makes them so intimidating here. Virtus Pro have also beaten NiP 4/5 of the last times they’ve played them, and the 5th time should have been a VP win anyway.

NiP don’t really seem to like Cobblestone as a map. They played it once at Cluj-Napoca and got destroyed by Titan, who didn’t even do that well overall in the major. They do play it more than Overpass, but still I’m sure if they had the choice NiP would probably ban cobblestone against VP.

Virtus Pro have been very inconsistent, so please no high bets. This is a pretty risky match but I must give the advantage to Virtus Pro simply because of the map. Good luck!

My odds for this match: NiP 45:55 VP

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time we will take a look at NiP facing off against VP. It is a best of 1 and the map is de_cbble.

Cobblestone is a map that doesn’t favor NiP. NiP had some hard games on this map and they got destroyed on it not to long ago by hellraisers. NiP’s preformance is a bit shaky lately. They won some games for example against fnatic with a good score of 16-7 and also against VP ( after a huge comeback). Not to long ago NiP took victory over Envy on cobble. Due to so many random results from NiP it is a bit hard to predict them.

VP is a decent team on cobble they had some good results on it however sometimes they can’t pull out the win against a team like ONE(ex-orgless) or for example navi. Due this it makes it a bit hard to call. VP is kind of inconsistent lately which is making it even harder. However the overall stats show us that they, on paper, should be better then NiP on this specific map.

For this match i would skip it or go low on VP. It is just 50/50 at the moment. Like i said the map should favor VP but they are inconsistent which make them lose the map.


My odds for this match: NiP 45:55 VP


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