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2015/11/16 18:00 UTC

Winner VP


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mouz vs. VP at ESL

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This should be a close match, but I believe Mouseports will take it if they play how they should be playing. Virtus Pro have been really inconsistent lately in their online matches, winning one game easily but losing the next to a team they should easily beat. Against NiP on mirage they allowed a 13-5 CT mirage to turn into a 14-16 loss, but the day before they crushed Envy 16-4 on cache. One thing is for certain though, Virtus Pro don’t like dust2. They veto dust2 whenever they can. If VP were in a BO5 and could veto one map it would for sure be dust2. They rarely play it, and when they do it’s not good results.

Mouseports had a absolutely great four win streak against NiP, Fnatic, Virtus Pro, and Penta one day, but then they go up and lose 0-16 the very next day to SK on train. That’s an unacceptable loss, but one loss does not cancel out how well Mouz have been playing. They’ve been on fire ever since the Cevo LAN where they came in 2nd place. Dust2 is a map that Mouseports don’t necessarily like to pick a lot, but they for sure aren’t bad on it. Against Luminosity at the Cevo Lan they won 16-12 on dust2, which is considered to be one of Luminosity’s better maps. The long and wide open lanes should allow for ChrisJ to get easy pickings, and hopefully for Mouz he can have a field day tomorrow.

I’m not really sure what the odds will be like when the match starts, but right now it’s worth a low bet on Mouz. Dust2 is simply the better map for them, and they’ve been having some good online results lately. Good luck!

My odds for this match: mousesports 53:47 VP

This game has “SKIP” written all over it but there’s a gut feeling that Virtus Pro is going to win this game. Virtus Pro has had extremely mixed and inconsistent performance in the past few days, losing and winning games back to back. The thing about this game that is yelling “VIRTUS PRO IS GOING TO WIN!” to me is the fact that the league is ESEA ESL Pro and Virtus Pro really need to win their next few games in order to be close to getting into LAN. I’m sure Virtus Pro won’t be throwing away their chance to win a piece of the $250,000 prize pool, giving them some HUGE mental motivation when compared to the other leagues such as CEVO or Faceit.

On the other hand, even if Mouz lose this, they’ll still be above Virtus Pro in the standings but that’s the least of my worries. My BIG worry is the fact that the map is Dust 2, a map that Virtus Pro has been known to perform terribly on. Virtus Pro is really going to need to make some HUGE plays on this map and they’re going to go hard in this match.

A small bet is going to be recommended on Virtus Pro.

My odds for this match: mousesports 45:55 VP


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