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Space Soldiers

Quickshot Arena

Best Of 1
2015/11/19 17:00 UTC

Winner Space Soldiers
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Space Soldiers

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SpaceS vs. myXMG at Quickshot Arena Predictions

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a quick prediction. This time it will be between Space Soldiers and myXMG. It is a best of 1 and the map is TBA.

myXMG is a whole new line-up this making it a bit hard to predict.

Space soldiers isn’t looking to good lately. It looks like they are out of form etc. However i feel like they should have the upper hand here. They dominated the scene for a while a few months ago. They looked really unstoppable and had some amazing streaks. However this is a long time ago and this might not affect the plays today. But it is just to show what they are capable off.

Since myXMG is a whole new line-up i have not alot to say about them. They are together for 4 days or something, correct me if i’m wrong. We haven’t seen them alot just yet so we don’t know what we should expect.

For this match i would favor Space Soldiers. Even if they are on a losing streak i just feel like they should be the better team. I would go low on them since we don’t know how myXMG will play.


My odds for this match: Space Soldiers 55:45 myXMG

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Space Soldiers
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Space Soldiers67%myXMG33%

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