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GameAgents League

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2015/11/19 20:00 UTC

Winner FSid3


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E-Frag vs. FSid3 at GameAgents League

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Just to start this prediction off, this game is very risky. It’s the grand finals of the Game Agents League and there is $15,000 for the winner while the loser receives a prize of $7,500 which isn’t all that shabby. Both E-frag and F3 are skilled teams with the similar skill ceilings, but in this scenario, I would have to slightly favor F3.


The Balkan legends – these guys are the first Balkan team to make it big in CSGO. They have had some extremely good performances and they have pushed out of the T3 region into the T2, where they perform well enough to keep themselves in that zone. Their most recent match was against LC in a BO2 this morning – where they won 2-0. Earlier this month, they had a little bit of a slump where they weren’t able to accomplish anything, but since then, something has clicked and now they are doing well. Their last loss was against VP (map 1: 13-16 map 2: FF) and since then it’s been uphill for all of their matches. Wins against ex-Reason, AlienTech, PlayingDucks, Legacy, GreyFace and most recently, LC.


With the departure of DavCost being so recent, betting on any match with Flipsid3 is pretty scary to be honest. We have very seen F3 and their current roster play just 2 times, but those 2 times have given us some damn good results. Taking DavCost’s place for now is a ex-1.6 pro called Shara – from Ukraine. His first match with F3 was against EnvyUs, and with 5% odds on the lounge, him and F3 won the BO3 causing a massive upset which will most definitely go down in history. His second and most recent match was against the Polish giants Virtus.Pro. 14-16 was the result of the first map and the second map ended on a 6-16 scoreline. Close, but no cigar.

Final thoughts and advice(?)

The thing that makes me hesitant to bet on this match is the recent roster change and Shara. Since Shara has joined F3, things have been going very well and I really can’t tell if it’s just luck or the fact that Shara may have brought in something great for the team. F3 finished on top of the groups in the initial early parts of the league, which is a good indication that they are heavily driven and motivated to win this first place prize.

On the other hand. E-frag are not pushovers. They finished just 2 points behind F3 and they too are capable of taking this final.

Overall, this is a very risky match and just play the odds here. I think F3 will win but I will only be betting a small percentage of my inventory, maybe 1% or 2% and I want to get the best value from it. If the odds do suggest for a good E-frag bet (eg, drops below 37%, I will go low on them). But yeah, just play the odds is all I have to say.

My odds for this match: 40:60 FSid3


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