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2015/11/21 23:20 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid
Team SoloMid


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Cloud9 vs. TSM at ESL

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Cloud 9

C9 have recently won 2 domestic LANs in a row, and IEM San Joe will be their third LAN attended within this short period of time. Their first LAN success was in the iBuyPower Cup, where they won in the grand finals against Liquid, 2-1. This got them the first place prize of $65,000. Their second and most recent triumph was at the RGN LAN. They entered the grand finals with a 1 map advantage in the BO3 and they took down Renegades 2-0. This win got them $15,000.

Seangares the IGL for C9 is back in action after his absence at the RGN LAN. He went out of town for a wedding according to HLTV sources, so I don’t think he would’ve done too much research on TSM prior to playing this match. Since the RGN LAN 2 days ago, C9 have played two online matches, both of them being for the ESL ESEA league BO1’s. 4-16 loss to LG and a 16-10 win against Method.


TSM have been pretty quiet lately. The last time we saw them was 3 days ago, when they got 0-2’d by Fnatic however the scorelines were pretty close. The day before that, they won against HR 2-0 but that’s about it/ The rest of their activity is a bit old and not to mention they were just online BO1’s.

TSM is the better team here by far. They have showed us in the past that they are champions, and this LAN offers a decent prize pool so you would think that they have trained for this event.

Final advice/thoughts

TSM should take this without a doubt. C9 have shown us that they are the best in NA, but they do not measure up to the top EU standards until they can consistently beat top EU teams like they beat their NA competition. I will be betting on TSM, but if the odds go to complete crap, I guess I’ll just end up skipping. Surely these LANs would’ve worn C9 out, and Seangares returning.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 17:83 Team SoloMid


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