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2015/11/24 03:00 UTC

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Method vs. Trifecta at Fragadelphia

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Method are a decent side and have just recently announced some roster changes. They have removed their IGL Eley, and streboR will be stepping down at the end of the season. For tonight it seems, DAVEY will be their IGL. How this will impact them is hard to gauge right now. It could be the calming influence they need, or it could be a disaster.

Trifecta, not to be confused with the one that recently joined Denial, are a sub par NA team. They had a decent result in the previous round of this tournament, knocking Tectonic to the lower bracket, but that is their only real result of any note. Looking at their ESEA page, they had a close loss to GA, but then also lost to Live Your Last, neXup Gaming, and VAULT GG. These are the kinds of teams you would expect them to beat if they were to take down Method in a BO3.

The real odds for this game are close to 65-35, and even though this tournament isn’t the biggest, I am sure Method will be trying hard to win, and DAVEY will be looking to impress as IGL on the hope he might be able to keep this role permanently. Right now I would suggest going LOW on Method as I feel quite confident they can win this even with the poor odds. SKIP if the odds are too bad and your bank roll small as this is a risky game with players/teams we have no seen much from.

My odds for this match: Method 65:35 Trifecta

Method are a talented yet cocky team from the last time they had played an extremely low tier or low skilled team. The game they had played against a low skilled team almost ended up as a loss for Method, having the Method players attempt to go for knife kills while also rushing down mid with dual barretas. I’m sure Method weren’t attempting a throw but just to taunt the enemy team, showing how sensitive Method can get. In terms of talent, they have some great NA talent that stands out such as Silent3m and DAVEY who are very fined riflers.

On the Trifecta, there isn’t anything that stands out spectacularly to me, not even the players have good stats compared to Method. Other than the fact that Trifecta took down 3 teams before their match against Method, Trifecta doesn’t have anything special. Trifecta is most likely a team that got lucky facing Method in this CEVO league and I’m sure they’re not an up-and-coming secret NA talent that’ll take out Cloud9. Trifecta is most likely going to lose this.

Recommended Bet: MEDIUM Method

My odds for this match: Method 70:30 Trifecta


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