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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3
2015/11/25 15:00 UTC

Winner YP


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YP vs. eXplosive at Uprise Champions Cup

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Team YouPorn

Team YP is a very hyped up team, and the lineup is the old Phenomenon lineup. This team has shown us that they are a very capable lineup and some have even said that they are a top 2 Russian lineup which I would have agreed with before, but their current form isn’t the best we’ve seen them in. Team YP attended the CIS LAN Championships and produced some pretty piss poor results for the amount of hype they were receiving. They only won two matches (one against eXplosive and one against Enso), while they bombed out of three matches (to PARTY, Vega and Rebels).

Doing well as a team is important for these 5 guys if they want to keep their sponsor. Being sponsored by a porn company is pretty exciting, and poor results would result in them being dropped and leaving them orgless again. This is the UCC, a CIS event and it is very important to teams which want to make a name for themselves.

Team eXplosive

eXplosive is a relatively new lineup which we first saw featured at the CIS LAN Championships. They performed extremely poorly, the worst out of all the teams participating and were sent home with a 0-2 record. The two losses were to Team YP and Enso. However attending that LAN did give themselves a promotional boost, as they were soon after invited to play in the Quickshot Arenas. They did well, taking out L&L and Refuse, but in the semi finals, they lost to BX3 1-2. Their most recent match was against the Space Soldiers today, and they lost 0-2.

Final thoughts and advice

I would say that the current odds on the lounge (70-30) are quite accurate on paper. Team YP are rightfully the favorites here and I do think they will win, potentially going to the third map however. They have beat them before at LAN, so hopefully they can do it online now.

My odds for this match: YP 70:30 eXplosive

The text for the prediction did not publish for some reason so going to write a quick prediction just to make sure its out before the game.

Team YP should take this over eXplosive however I recommend skipping this game as the odds are stupidly high.


My odds for this match: YP 70:30 eXplosive


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