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2015/11/26 14:30 UTC

Winner Team SoloMid
Team SoloMid

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Liquid vs. TSM at Faceit

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Honestly think this match will come down to the maps. If Liquid manage to get Cache or Cobble, which is unlikely, then if the odds are low they might be worth a bet. If they end up on almost anything else, I don’t think the chances for Liquid are very good.

Liquid I expect will probably eliminate Train and D2, although they are also confident on the map. If TSM have done their home work, they should get rid of Cobble/Cache. Overpass is also a good map for Liquid, but I think TSM should be too strong on Mirage and Inferno.

These are two teams who are famous for choking, and this is a BO1, so betting on either side right now is very risky. Both of them looked on point one game, only to look really poor the next. This makes me feel uncomfortable unless the odds lead me one way. What I mean by this is, if the odds are crazy low on Liquid, or fair on TSM, so it makes your bet an easy decision. With the odds how they are right now I am kind of in limbo, waiting to see the maps before making a definitive decision.

As I favour TSM for this game, so long as they can get the right map, and as I need to pick one team, I would say right now I would go LOW on TSM if I had to pick one, but I really don’t feel good betting on these odds. The best thing I would suggest you can do if possible, is wait for the map elim before betting, and see the odds, if there is no Cobble/Cache, and good odds for TSM, you should for sure go on them.

My odds for this match: Liquid 35:65 Team SoloMid

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a quick prediction. This time it will be between Liquid and TSM. It is a best of 1 which makes it risky.

To be honest, TSM should have this. However it is lan, a best of 1 and liquid is not a bad team. Personally i would skip a match like this. The odds are not heavily favored on TSM but i think they are still out of shape.  It might happen that TSM wins it with a huge score but we just don’t know.

For this match it would be the best thing to go low on Liquid or even ICB. With the current odds and the best of 1 factor i would just not risk it. If you got a big enough inventory and can handle a lose i would advice to go on TSM. However for most people this will not be the case.

So again. Low on liquid/skip if you have a small inventory. If you can handle a lose go low on TSM.

An upset in a best of 1 between teams like this is always possible.


My odds for this match: Liquid 35:65 Team SoloMid


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