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2015/11/26 13:00 UTC

Winner VP

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VP vs. Legacy at Faceit

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Coming into this match, VP are the favorites here and there’s no secret to why that is. The Polish giants are coming in to this LAN after a big defeat at IEM San Jose. VP were eliminated by Liquid 0-2 pretty much as soon as they got there, but do keep in mind that MICHU was standing in for Snax which is a pretty big downgrade. Snax is now playing with VP again, and they are attending this LAN with their full roster.

Legacy is a new-ish Australian team formed three months ago when the Oceanic shuffle happened. This is the first international event that they will be attending together and they got here by topping the ladder in the Oceanic region on FaceIt (coming above AU giants Renegades and Immunity). There’s no telling how these guys will do, as we haven’t seen much. They have been bootcamping in Sweden for a little bit now and they have played 2 games. One against Dead Pixels and one against E-frag, both of which they lost.

Even if Legacy do bomb out this LAN with just losses (which is somewhat expected for a small and new team), this LAN and EU experience will give them a real view of how CS in EU is played. There is no doubt that they will stick together as a team after this event and get better over time. Look at Renegades and Immunity. After attending some international events, they have drastically gotten better and growing the scene for the Oceanic community. An international event is needed to show teams and open their eyes and to give them a new outlook on how CS is played overseas.

I will be going low on Legacy here, probably just a few dollars or some pocket change will be thrown on them. I am Australian and I would like to support them obviously. Though, I do think VP will win here. It is a BO1 and anything can happen, so we can only hope that Legacy have knuckled down and studied VP to have a fighting chance here.

My odds for this match: VP 75:25 Legacy

Hi guys,

Thijs here doing a real quick prediction. This match should be in the favor of VP. The map picked is cobble and i feel like Vp should be better there. Overal they are the better team. They had a big defeat on IEM san jose. However VP had a stand-in and now snax is back so it should be all good.

I would still not bet big on VP just keep it low.


My odds for this match: VP 75:25 Legacy


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