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GameShow League

Best Of 3
2015/11/25 21:00 UTC

Winner unu.AiN
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unu.AiN vs. LDLC.White at GameShow League Predictions

Now its these sorts of games I love to see… One player swaying the odds for a game with huge risk to bet on!

unu.AIN (Reason gaming with pimp)

Pimp – gla1ve – HUNDEN – JUGI – percy


matHEND – bodyy – Fuks – to1nou – DEVIL

I’m personally going to be betting on LDLC white, Reason gaming were good but they were very much a on the day team… LDLC.White however seem to give it all they have every game even going as far as to take a map off the older G2 lineup. My gut is telling me LDLC White stand a good chance..

Now remember this is still a HIGH RISK game so only go low and bet what you are willing to risk, the sensation of winning underdog bets are great but losing them feels worse especially when they are close, this should very much be a close Bo3 but I’m favouring LDLC.White


My odds for this match: unu.AiN 50:50 LDLC.White

To look at this game, you need to almost look at it as if Pimp wasn’t there and then judge the remaining players who played together before. The remaining guys were the old Reason, so let’s look at their results. They had a close win vs Epiphany, were destroyed by E-frag, an OT loss vs CSGL,and a close win against a poor SK side. These are not the most impressive results in the world. There is that worry that perhaps the inclusion of Pimp will raise the bar and the level for the rest, but you cannot bet on things like that.

LDLC are a side that relies heavily on aggressive pushes, and to1noe and matHEND to frag. The remaining members can sometimes go missing, and they will need them stepping up tonight if they are to take this. Their form as a side is inconsistent, and as I said about the players above, there is a very good reason for that.

As this is basically Reason vs LDLC, the real odds for this match are a lot closer to 60-40 unu.AIN, and with them currently being 64-36, the best advice I can give is to go LOW on LDLC, play the odds, go on the side with better teamwork/strats and see if the inconsistent French guys can find some form tonight.

My odds for this match: unu.AiN 60:40 LDLC.White

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