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UCC Europe

Best Of 3
2015/11/29 19:04 UTC

Winner Epsilon

CSGL vs. Epsilon at UCC Europe

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Regardless of which team makes it to the TBA spot, I think CSGL is the better team.


CSGL has recently made a roster change that a couple of us saw coming. Loord is no longer on the active 5 and he has stepped back into his old role of coaching. Filling his place will be the Polish player “mouz” (not to be confused with that team Mousesports). Mouz is not a random to the team though, as they have history together. Back when this lineup was dismissed from Gamers 2 in August this year, Mouz left and has been MIA since. Now he’s back and ready to play.

Their last game was against Piter, where they won 2-0 with ease. This is for the UCC, and out of all the teams competing, I think CSGL has a great chance to do well and I think they know this too, which is why they should be focusing and trying their best in their games this season. oh yeah, and they went to the USA to attend a LAN with other NA teams, but they didn’t do really well. Lost against Liquid and GA and only managed to win against SKDC which isn’t too much of a feat.


Our TBA for this match is Vega or Epsilon. If Epsilon make it through to this match, I don’t think they will have much of a chance here. However, if Vega make it through, I can see a small chance for an upset or them getting a map off CSGL.

Final thoughts and advice

Writing a prediction on a game with  a TBA isn’t really the best thing to do, but here I feel like CSGL will do well so that’s why I’ll be betting on them if the odds are right. My best advice here would be to wait to see the outcome of the Vega VS Epsilon game and them make an informed decision on who to bet on. That game is on at 2AM for me (Australians will understand my pain), but if I happen to be up at that time, I’ll update this post.

My odds for this match: CSGL 65:35 Epsilon

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