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Quickshot Arena

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2015/12/02 02:30 UTC

Winner A.Auth

A.Auth vs. Nexus at Quickshot Arena

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So a 50-50 game might be worth throwing a few skins on. A.Auth vs Nexus. A.Auth both teams have a track record of being really weak but Nexus come out alot worse this is probably why the odds currently favour A.Auth a bit.. Personally I’m going to put a very very very very low bet on A.Auth as the odds are still pretty much even and hope that a bit of luck is on my side today as there is a very fine line between these 2 teams. If you would like to ICB Nexus that also might be a nice little return but I wouldn’t aim for anything big here as a upset here is very possible.


My odds for this match: A.Auth 50:50 Nexus

These odds are pretty 50-50 right now but Astral Authority should probably be favored a bit more.

Austral Authority, while they may not have the most official matches lately have been doing pretty good on ESEA. They do have two recent looses ( 3 maps in total) vs Noble, but they were all close, AA getting double digits every time. This is notable because Noble is to be considered a good bit higher level than these teams here. Other notable performance include beating L1, Aviatio, and another close loss vs Fe, who are leaps and bounds above these teams. One thing to watch for the team compared to Nexus is how Astral have more fraggers who can go off when needed. Their main man though who was present in those previous matches and who I don’t think will be tonight is Barrage, but still they have solid players.

Nexus are not as individually skilled, and as a team I think their results are a bit worse. They recently attended the RGN LAN in NA with some big names, but got shut out pretty hard there, never reaching double digits, not that they were expected to though. They also have poor results, tieing the series 2-2 map wise vs VaultGG.

At the end of the day this is a pretty close match, but I think AA’s fraggers are what matter the most here and what will win them the game.

My odds for this match: A.Auth 53:47 Nexus


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