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UCC Europe

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2015/12/02 22:00 UTC


YP vs. E-Frag at UCC Europe

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Will be E-frag coming up against a so far unconfirmed roster. Apparently YP are having major roster issues, with krecker, coldyyy and 1uke all apparently leaving. This has yet to be confirmed by the team its self, but if it is to be proven then the chance for an upset here is almost minimal.

E-frag looked in good form against RCTIC, and go into this game the heavy favourites. They are an inconsistent team, so that can go against them sometimes. The biggest culprit of this being nkl who can let his side down sometimes with really routine mistakes that someone at this level should not be making.

Let’s look at the hours for E-frag:

dream3r: 62.9 hours in the last 2 weeks

v1c7or: 75.9 hours in the last 2 weeks

bubble: 53.4 hours in the last 2 weeks

nkl: 54 hours in the last 2 weeks

The last player is unfortunately private. Judging from this they are not playing as much as they used too, I would often see them with all around 80+ hours, but still a decent amount. Maybe they realised that the quality of the practice more than the quality is what counts.

Looking at the odds, they don’t make for good reading, and could potentially get worse as the night goes on. The most sensible thing to do is to SKIP it, but you could get away with going LOW/MED on E-frag if you wish, but be prepared for a butt clench, as they can have a slightly reckless style some games, which can make you wish you didn’t think of betting to begin with.

My odds for this match: YP 30:70


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