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2016/03/01 02:00 UTC

Winner AceG

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AceG vs. Dynamo at GO NA

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Yeah no. Just straight up skip this. The odds here are really off I feel, so I guess you could go low Dynamo here, but meh, don’t see it worth. The Dynamo roster is confusing at this point, I just tweeted at Miknutty and he confirmed to be playing for Dynamo here and Ronin later on the night, so that’s something, Dunm0re is supposedly going to play, however who knows, and then there is other low tier NA players playing. The Ace guys are having a TBA themselves, that does not help it at all. They also have some lower tier NA names that ring a bell of course, Focs, Maxmeister and just a decent team for their level. There isn’t much to analyse here, not a ton of info on these teams ,lack of real chemistry and what not, will come down to who is just landing their shots I reckon, just skip this, not worth it at all. If you want I guess just go super low heavy underdog, but for me this is a plain skip. 60-40 Ace


Skip this.

My odds = 60-40 Ace

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: AceG 60:40 Dynamo

So a hell of a lot of confusion surrounding this game. It has been confirmed that mutt Handled will be playing for Dynamo, and McMahon and DUOMORE will not be playing. On top of this, it also is not confirmed who is playing for AceG. This game is one massive mess, and honestly you should avoid betting on this game like your life depended on it. Both teams missing players, the game not being the most important, and both teams being completely mixes. If I had to pick one, I would pick AceG to take this, as at least some of their side will be present, but past that you should just not bet on this game and SKIP all night long.

My odds for this match: AceG 65:35 Dynamo


Lots of confusion about this match but everything is settled now. AceG will play with: maxmeister, saV, vEz, PEX and fierCeY and Dynamo will play with: dEv0, miKnutty, HitmaN, HandleD and Hades. Now, most of you only know hades and I don’t blame you, overall both teams are pug teams basically. AceG have been a line-up and have already played together a few times whereas Dynamo never played together with this roster. Now, i’m not sure how much this match matters to both teams as the league is GO NA and I don’t know this league at all. Overall AceG do seem to have the better roster, they quite literally do have 5 fraggers who can turn up and drop 30 bombs, Dynamo really don’t have players like this so I will be going with AceG in this one but it will be incredibly low as it’s a huge risk. I highly suggest a skip but for the bettors among us, go for a low bet on AceG.

Pick: AceG

Bet: Low on AceG [5%]

My odds for this match: AceG 60:40 Dynamo


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