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Balkan Championship

Best Of 1
2016/04/05 19:00 UTC

Winner SMassive

AClub vs. SMassive at Balkan Championship

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With how these games went yesterday, predicting this kind of game to any kind of accuracy almost feels impossible. It should be another random BO1, where anything goes, and where any result is possible. From watching yesterday, Aclub did seem some what decent, but it is hard to tell whether the results were in any way legit or not. Smassive did not seem that bad either, and with this being a random BO1, the only logical decision is to either SKIP or ICB on the underdog.

My odds for this match: AClub 65:35 SMassive

Well then, the league that seemed to be having overdog wins only looked extremely fishy yesterday. It wasn’t necessarily the AimClub vs DTrap match as AimClub (like I said) are no joke, they can play CS. But the Pixel match was just fishy as hell, it didn’t really look like Pixel wanted to win but whatever. AimClub here are by far the better team, SMassive managed to beat Pixel but they got that win thanks to Pixel themself, overall SMassive aren’t a good team at all, AimClub are so much better and honestly, I just think AimClub will straight up destroy SMassive here. They were simply the better team against DTrap and seem to be the best team in the Balkan series as of now. I’ll be picking AimClub for this one but make sure to not go too high as again; there is upset potential, not because SMassive is good, but because of the Balkan matches yesterday.

My odds for this match: AClub 70:30 SMassive

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