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Game Show Global

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2016/01/11 03:00 UTC

Winner Velox


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aeternus vs. Velox at Game Show Global

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Researching this game does not exactly make for the best reading. Lots of roster changes, lots of flaming, some suspicions about certain players, all in all doesn’t make for the best bet in the world.

Starting with aeternus, they have a few players I don’t really know, and a few I can find a bit of info on. SEANPZ played for a side that lost against CLG Red 16-14. Yes, he lost against the female side of CLG, something that clearly does not indicate a high level. MARIOO used to play got gosu, a side which had semi decent results but nothing to set the world alight. They managed to beat Nexus and L1 and that is about it. MARIOO for the most part seemed to play okay in these games. Also in their roster is a player called Critzby who judging from his ESEA is not the most popular person to play with or against, with quite a few flame comments on his profile. He is a young player, but his pug stats are not that bad.

Moving onto VoloX, they had a roster change for tonight, with the most known player of yayy stepping out, and color stepping in. After hazed played against this side, he flamed them a bit on twitter, mentioning the amount of smoke spamming to be insane, and clearly calling on the legitimacy of some of the players into question. The boys of VeloX for the most part, seem to have played together for a while. They managed to take a map off CLG, and lost closely 16-11 on the 3rd, clearly showing they have some skill, even if CLG do lose bad games online sometimes.

Judging both teams overall is quite hard, but VeloX seem a much more together side, even if they do have the stand-in for tonight. Aeternus seem to be more of a bunch of guys thrown together, and on that note alone, I would have to favour VeloX here. I think the safest idea here is to SKIP because of the bad odds, but if you do feel like betting, going LOW on VeloX makes more sense.

My odds for this match: aeternus 30:70 Velox


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