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2016/02/10 04:00 UTC

Winner OpTic Gaming
OpTic Gaming

AGG vs. OG at ESL

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OpTic have looked anything like the side they once were recently, having really poor games against Splyce, and looking like something is missing. Their aggressive exciting play style has been replaced by poor loose play that has seen them lose that spark that they once had. With plays such as NAF, stanislaw and RUSH in their roster, they should be beasting games like this one tonight.

Their opponent tonight is of course the old SKDC boys, with a few additions. They have re-picked up rooRoo, and recruited inVert from the old mspaz, and the young blood of Twistz, who has a lot of promise. Overall their main issue is they still have els and OCEAN who hardly set the world alight, and they hold them back in a lot of ways.

With the first game being Cache, I personally feel they have a better chance at taking this one than the other. They know how to play this map, and WFX showed against them that their CT is weak and teams have a chance in it. I do still think by now OpTic should of got their things together, and should be able to take this game, but the odds for me are way too bad to bet in a BO1. Your best option is to bet on ACG to win at least 8.5 rounds to be risky, or the same for OpTic to be safe. You should SKIP this game on CSGL.

My odds for this match: AGG 30:70 OpTic Gaming

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