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2016/03/20 12:00 UTC

Winner AGG
Space Soldiers

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AGG vs. SpaceS at Dreamhack

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Finally ex-Vexed got picked up by a new org, an amazing one as well, AGG. This will be their first match playing with this org and I’m excited. I think that this line-up overall does have a lot of potential but sometimes it just makes dumb mistakes tier4 teams make. AGG tend to overcommit things and get tilted easily after they do, It’s a weakness of them and it seems like most tier2 teams have found out as they seem to be beating AGG quite convincingly recently. Not the same counts for tier3 teams, AGG always seem extremely consistent against lower tier teams and always seems to beat them, sure, it might get close at times but in the end they do win it and that’s all that matters.

SpaceSoldiers on lan .. I haven’t seen it yet. We can use the meme ”Xantares on lan? I aren’t think that” for this one as I personally don’t think SpaceSolders will make it to DreamHack. They have been playing pretty well recently, they’re consistently beating tier3/4/5 teams with some promising scorelines but this will be their first real test after having such a good form, will they hold on to it?

This really feels like a close match but at the same time it doesn’t, as I mentioned earlier, AGG are known for being extremely consistent against lower tier teams and SpaceSoldiers are a perfect example of that. The thing that scares me is SpaceSoldiers’s promising form as of late, they are looking extremely good and don’t really seem to rely on Xantares that much anymore, it looks like a team and not a one man army. This match will come down to the wire but I just do think that AGG will win it, they are more experienced and always seem to know what they’re doing against lower tier teams. I’m going with AGG here.

My odds for this match: AGG 60:40 Space Soldiers

Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 35% or less
Space Soldiers

Small (3%)

high risk


So on paper this is a match that AGG should be winning, however in the past 3 times these two have met, SpaceSoldiers has gotten the upper hand over AGG, or back then Vexed. So yes this is Ex-Vexed, not the big old NA team consisting Ocean, no this is not that team. You really do look at this and wonder to yourself that surely AGG most of the time should be winning this encounter, however then get put off with the match stats, maybe it’s a play style thing or not, no idea. Eitherway, given that this is a BO3, AGG should be looking to pick this matchup up here, I can perhaps see them dropping a map, but if they take it serious should be at the minimum a 2-1 for them, however don’t doubt the Turkish SpaceSoldiers, they when they are feeling it can be deadly and have shown it in the past. Overall, for me this is a 60-40 in favor of AGG, just recommend playing the odds here.


5% AGG if below 70%, otherwise 2% on SpaceSoldiers here.

My odds = 60-40 AGG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% AGG if under 70%, otherwise 2% SS

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: AGG 60:40 Space Soldiers

Option 2Bet Space Soldiers if odds 30% or less
Space Soldiers

Small (2%)

high risk


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