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2016/03/09 04:00 UTC

Winner Splyce

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AGG vs. Splyce at ESL

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You know when you play matchmaking and you get queued together with two smurfs that just carry your ass to a victory, or at least close? And if they are having an off game you get 16:0’d? That’s AGG for you. AGG is all about Twistz and Rooroo, the way that team works is structured around them, at least the way it plays out, they run in, get headshots, win rounds, if not, round falls apart. The scary part is, that it works vs many NA teams because well NA, and I do not think that Splyce, even tho they made the major somehow, have the book of strats locked down to combat AGG’s antics here. Splyce even tho they made the major have to not be overestimated here, they are still Splyce. AGG result wise has looked pretty sour recently, however I still do think they have what it takes to take this match. This is the first match between these two, and it is on Dust2. Dust2 is notoriously the map where aim duels happen and is the notorious map for upsets, so hey. if there is something that AGG can do it is aim. Arya and Davey as always will be instrumental to the Splyce team here, I remember watching them versus Winterfox I think on this map, can’t recall 100% but they absolutely bossed it, completely had their strats down and Arya and Davey completely on point, if they can repeat that, rip for AGG. Eitherway, 65-35 in favor of Splyce here.


5% Splyce here if they are under 72%, otherwise 2-3% AGG here

My odds = 65-35 Splyce

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Splyce if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% AGG

My advice = Same as my ber


My odds for this match: AGG 35:65 Splyce

Should be an interesting game here, the first of these two for the night and it is a game that I feel favours Splyce quite heavily. D2 is a map they play a lot, and have had good results on. They do have the odd game where they are poor on it, but overall they should be too strong for the boys of AGG, who don’t play this map THAT much, which is a strange thing to say for an NA side.

The last time I saw Splyce on this map, they were really aggressive. They pushed a LOT, DAVEY won lots of rounds on his own by pushing spots and I fully expect him to try the same kind of things tonight, and if OCEAN does not have his boys aware, they could be caught out a lot.

This game will largely come down to rooRoo and Twistz lurking/opening up sites, and the teamwork of Splyce. I do favour Splyce slightly, but this game really could go either way, as it is D2, a map that pretty much everyone in the history of CS knows how to play. LOW on Splyce as things stand, but if the odds move above 60-65%, I would personally go on AGG.

My odds for this match: AGG 45:55 Splyce

BO1 between the most inconsistent teams in NA on Dust2. Dust2, the most unpredictable map when it comes to NA teams. AGG haven’t played a single time on Dust2 with this roster and never really practised it either, historically Ocean, els and inVert have been insane on this map, rooroo used to play with them back in the day and stewie2k, they were unbeatable on this map. It is basically the same line-up as Twistzz and Stewie2k are pretty similair when it comes to raw aim although they still seem to insta-ban this map, I don’t know the exact reason though. The thing that scares me that recently AGG got ddosed. Their most recent match against MILF was a BO3 and they got ddosed heavily and lost 2-1. Both Twistzz and Rooroo got ddosed and these are by far the best players. Just be aware.

Splyce seem on and off on this map, they can be really good on it but can also be really bad on it. It’s really going to depend on arya, if he’s on point then Splyce should take it. Another thing to mention is that Splyce might be somewhat overhyped after qualifying for MLG, Splyce seem to be insane on lan but really aren’t that good when it comes to online matches.

Overall this match just feels like a Splyce win. The map is Dust2 and it is AGG’s insta-ban in BO3’s and it’s that way for a reason. I feel like Splyce should be able to take this, it might get really close though.

Low (5%) on Splyce

My odds for this match: AGG 35:65 Splyce


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