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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/04 02:30 UTC

Winner WinterFox

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AGG vs. WinterFox at Counter Pit League

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Le wild Winterfox has appeared. I’ve spoken about these guys so much, more than any NA team recently so whenever I analyse them, I just feel like I am on a train of repetition, however lets go, why not. Ahm so of course these guys are all living together in a gaming house, or at least practicing there, and I mean that is always good and hopefully with time we see improvement, since there is already some noticeable improvement, and it all just does not happen over a day, these guys just have to keep grinding. Winterfox has the individual skill to be quite good, maybe not best in North America, however to be pretty high up there as long as they keep working on their team chemistry, and for the god sakes of christ replace Lex, sorry but seriously. With Winterfox it’s kinda like trying to predict the winning lottery numbers, they are just so god damn inconsistent, and the thing is, they aren’t like Fnatic, when they are on form just demolish everybody, off form still demolish but slightly worse, nono, when these guys are off form they are in strong contention to be a decent tier 3 NA team, which is really bad. What I am trying to put across is yes, Winterfox should be the favorites here, it is a BO2 for christ sakes, surely a map is not too much to ask, however that’s the thing, don’t apply logic to Winterfox, it doesn’t work. Just play the odds with them and hope in the best, however even coming up with odds for Winterfox is a task in itself. Winterfox has some good players, Desi, XP3, Anger, Flowsick, you just have to use them correctly.


So ahm I kinda underestimated these guys yesterday and nearly ate my skins because of it, but hey we came out with a tie at the end. So Ocean’s team, still not going to rate them too highly, however gained a few levels of caution to say the least. Obviously AGG nearly 2-0’d Splyce yesterday, which I mean even Winterfox has not been managing to do so that is always a positive. Thing with AGG is, just like I said in my analysis yesterday is that RooRoo and Twistz, these two /have/ to be on fire for them to honestly do something. I watched the whole AGG vs Splyce game yesterday and honestly it was simply RooRoo and Twist getting constant entries, round by round, or just insane clutches that won AGG most of their rounds. This is not something that you can bank on map by map however, so I can’t take AGG seriously, they’ve got two good fraggers but beyond that, what happens? The whole team was kinda high on motivation the second map, so I feel like that helped the whole team contribute a bit more, however a regular AGG, eh unsure how that will go, but time will tell I guess. Overall, just don’t take AGG too seriously, they rely on two of their players way too much, and as long as Winterfox can keep those two quiet and not give them the openings they are looking for, it should be a smooth road.


Honestly, yes I know AGG had a good performance yesterday, but I am only giving credit to RooRoo and Twist, especially for that first map, the second map it kinda was more even, mainly due to the hype of AGG going into it I feel. Those two just pulled off crucial frags over and over, or just entries to open the round. As long as Winterfox can avoid giving those entries away, I’m not good so I don’t know how, but as long as they keep RooRoo annd Twist quiet, or even one of those, they should have this one in the bag. Winterfox skillwise to me is better than SPlyce and AGG here, it just comes down to their mental side here, which they have been working on, so lets just see. Going to play the odds here as obviously maxing anybody is not smart here. It is a BO2 which means that it adds a cushion of safety, if it ends in a 1-1 your skins are returned here. It all comes down to which Winterfox we see really, so approach with caution. 65-35 in favor of Winterfox, and I am simply going to play the odds here.


Going to play the odds here, nothing more nothing less. If Winterfox is below 72%, I will drop 5% on them, however if they are above, I might drop an ICB or 2% on AGG, most likely an ICB. Don’t necessarily see AGG taking two maps from Winterfox, however what do I know, it’s Winterfox at the end of the day. Lets just hope for the best!

My odds = 65-35 Winterfox

My risk = High

My bet = Playing the odds. 5% Winterfox if below 72%, otherwise ICB on AGG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: AGG 35:65 WinterFox


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