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2016/04/03 18:00 UTC

Winner America

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America vs. Europe at MLG

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Ha-ha it’s actually funny that we can bet on this. Anyway, For Europe it’s GeT_RiGhT, kennyS, rain, Maikelele and NiKo and for NA it’s Hiko, s1mple, tarik, skadoodle and Shroud. NA seems to be having the best players of NA whereas EU has maikelele who’s clearly not a really good player. EU does have NiKo and we all know how nuts he is. Anyway, I personally am not going to bet on this but if you wanna bet yourself, go for it, pick whoever you’re more comfortable with. Best of luck! :p

My odds for this match: America 50:50 Europe


Europe all the way baby!!! Jokes aside ahm you shouldn’t really be betting on this. NA is = Shroud, Skadoodle, Tarik, S1mple and Hiko. EU is = Rain, Niko, Maikelele, Get Right and Rain. Ehm I’ve no idea who to favor here, well I favor Europe but ever so slightly. Sure you can argue ”hurr durr NA CS 4Head” however skill wise they are up there with EU, if not better and it is just the team aspect that brings NA down, and there will be no team aspect here, INFACT, you could argue that NA will have better communication due to constant FPL’s with eachother, obviously EU have FPL too however it’s harder for them to call since they are not native English speakers. All the EU guys can speak English however, so that should not be a problem. Overall if you want to bet, bet on your continent, if you want to make money, bet on Europe I guess, overall I am skipping, just enjoying and would recommend the same!


Skipping, if you want to bet, bet on your continent and be a patriot. Or if you want to make money, bet Europe

My odds = 55-45 EU

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice =Skip

My odds for this match: America 45:55 Europe


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