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2016/02/03 22:45 UTC

Winner Ancient

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Ancient vs. E-Frag at CEVO

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So obviously going into this game, Dreamer is not playing and instead we will have Pnshr standing in for him here. Quite a big miss given that when on form, Dreamer is argubly E-Frag’s best player, Pnshr is decent however not on his level to say the least. E-Frag for me are quite up and down, it all just depends on how they are feeling really, they’ve lost some really, really supposedly one-sided matches, or even came close to, however have had some very impressive results over their time, and it just does depends on their form. These guys have been together for a long time now and therefor in the tactical department, they really should be a few steps ahead of Ancient, given that Ancient may technically, on paper have the better players, however they have not been together for nearly long enough and I doubt their chemistry is high. You are never really safe with E-Frag due to their inconsistencies, so the best thing to do with them is play the odds and hope for the best really.


So a new team in the block, let me explain a bit here. They have the names to be good, like Schneider, great player when on form, showed that in Dignitas once he really started going, and most recently his shortish spell with Hellraisers, even with the language barrier he was able to stand his ground really well – Pronax, one of the best IGL’s in the world, ex Fnatic obviously, another top player, Twist is a guy who not as many might know, however the guy is nuts when he really starts going, apparently has had multiple offers from NiP to join them, however he has refused so that kinda sets the scene for him. My only problem in this team is Devilwalk, he obviously had that spell with Winterfox and honestly, did not impress me one bit. He is of course Fnatic’s ex coach and has quite a large background to his playing career too, however eh, I don’t see him contributing in the fragging department however I reckon he is somebody that Pronax can bounce ideas off of, so that is always good I guess, let Pauf, Twist and Schneider do the fragging,

So they have all of these players, and like I said they have the potential to be quite good, however they need to put in the work and stay together I reckon. I strongly doubt that at this stage, they will have any chemistry going for them. This might just come down to a pug battle, which I mean they could without a doubt win, however only time will tell.


So considering that Ancient is still a very new team, Dreamer is not playing, I just think it will come down to a massive pug battle, but who knows. Honestly I am going to give the edge to E-Frag here, only given the fact that they have been longer for much longer, however only a very slight one. Ancient already played the Katowice qualifiers and honestly disappointed a lot, losing to Cadian’s subpar team and what not, just meh. Ancient has a lot of potential, however I do not see them releasing it right now, will take time and work. Just going to skip this game and recommend doing the same, mainly due to Ancient being a new team, E-Frag not having Dreamer play and just a lot of uncertainties.


Ok the bet will be posted right here, but listen closely. On the count of 3, you follow 3—2——-1———–we skipping!. But jokes aside, lets skip this, not worth the skins honestly, there is some NA later on so save them for that, or even for a later date. This match is just too random I feel.

My odds = 55:45 E-Frag

My risk = High

My bet = Skip 100%

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Ancient 45:55


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