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2016/03/20 12:00 UTC

Winner Ancient

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Ancient vs. Ence at Dreamhack

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Ancient have been looking promising, they did lose to FlipSid3 1 week ago and to be honest, that wasn’t really a close game at all. Ancient just won Inferno, the map FlipSid3 can’t play and pretty much got stomped on the remaining two maps Overpass and Mirage. All in all, Ancient are not ready for top tier2 teams yet. Ancient do seem ready for mid tier2 and low tier2 teams though, they seem quite consistent and this line-up really looks promising. I think that there’s a chance that they might make it to DreamHack Malmo.

Ence are looking clueless, the team we expected so much from just seem to fail pretty hard. I said this way too many times but it just looks like some of Ence’s players don’t know what their actual roles are, it looks chaotic and definitely not good. It’s even hard to say that Ence are a mid tier2 team now, I would say they’re low tier2 at max if not tier3. They are looking way too shaky and I’m not expecting them to make it at DreamHack Malmo at all, unless they step up.

With how Ence have been looking recently, I expect Ancient to win it. Pronax is a real god when it comes to out-calling a team who are slumping already and definitely not in the best shape of their lives. Overall the fragging  power also seems to be favouring Ancient, they have the better players and seem a bit more consistent overall. I’m expecting Ancient to pick this BO3 up, but it could get extremely close.

My odds for this match: Ancient 65:35 Ence

Option 2Tiny bet on the underdog

Token Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of money you don't mind losing.


This is a tough cookie. I would favor Ancient in this game however that could be down to mine bias as I do not think that Ence is that good, kinda overrated, at their start at least and I think Ancient has a lot of potential as long as they stay together and continue practicing. They have shown their inconsistencies, especially at the start of their days however that was to be expected under a new roster, they’ve already have tried new players here and there, so I’m not 100% if this is the full, completed roster or not. Overall while Ence has been struggling recently, Ancient has been picking up the pace quite a bit, however I am not going to get too comfortable based on form, as form is temporary. If Twist and Schneider can perform here, I can see Ence struggling a whole bunch, whenever that duo performs and somebody else chips in too, like Pauf or Lekr0, the team can be lethal, however when it’s just solo Twist or Schneider, or neither, the team does really struggle so you can’t have that happening. This is also a BO3, so that should make the randomness smaller. Eitherway, I do believe Ence has what it takes to upset, however for me this is around 65-35 in favor of Ancient here. I might be a bit too generous for Ancient, however lets just keep it at that. Just play the odds here with a low bet.


3% Ancient if under 70%, otherwise 2% on Ence here in the hopes of an upset.

My odds = 65-35 Ancient

My risk = High

My bet = 3% ANcient if under 70% otherwise 2% Ence

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Ancient 65:35 Ence

Option 2Bet Ence if odds 30% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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