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Game Show Global

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2016/01/27 21:00 UTC

Winner Astralis

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Astralis vs. ATN at Game Show Global

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Quick thoughts

Astralis haven’t had the best showing at Dreamhack. Lost to Luminosity in a far from close BO3 and really had problems with Mousesports on Mirage in a BO1. Astralis always get close scorelines against tier2 teams but always somehow manage to win. I believe this match will once again be pretty close but in the end Astralis should run away with it. Most things about ATN are said in the match against eXplosive.


Astralis are most likely going to win this as the league definitely matters to them. They might be dropping a map, but I can’t see them dropping two. Should be 2-0 or 2-1 to Astralis, but I wouldn’t be surprised when it gets extremely close.


I personally hate betting on Astralis and I never did, it’s my own rule. People who are willing to bet, I suggest you to just drop some money on Astralis as they should win. I have no idea how the odds will look but it should be a safe bet either way.

EDIT: I also wanted to mention that this is the last chance for Astralis to qualify for this league with 200k so they definitely need this win. If they lose, they’re OUT!
Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: Astralis 80:20 ATN


Astralis has been really anti-climactic recently to be honest, for quite some time too. They just don’t seem to match expectations anymore, or maybe mine are just too high, but I haven’t been impressed. I think this whole new, personal org thing has distracted them from CSGO, and it is definitely reflecting on their performances. Obviously they are still Astralis, the good  tier 1 team, one of the best in the world, and they can show up to their old selves at any time. They should not have any trouble disposing of ATN here, not only in the map pool department, but also the general skill difference between these two and tactical department.  Just cross your fingers here that we see a on form Astralis, and not a subpar one. However, even a subpar Astralis should be able to beat ATN over 3 maps to be completely frank.

Alternate Attax

So ATN is an interesting team, they are definitely rising up and quite quickly to say the least. They are improving a whole bunch and the improvement can be seen very well. They’ve some great players in that lineup. not exactly world class material like Astralis, however Keev is one that stands out to be quite a bit, solid player when he gets going and will be instrumental here. ATN has shown some good results, especially recently with their wins over E-Frag, 1-1 draw vs Mouz and what not. I don’t rate them too highly myself, I don’t think they are out of this world, however they are a decent tier 2 team, around the level of E-Frag I’d say. Now onto that note, I do not think that these guys should be able to upset Astralis in a BO3. One map is a good shout, however two, I just don’t think that Astralis would let that happen, especially given that this is a very important matchup for both teams, as the winner qualifies for a 200,000$ tournament.


Overall, just don’t think that right now Attax has what it takes to take two maps away from Astralis. I feel like this is more Astralis’ to lose, than Attax’s to win. Astralis should sail semi-smooth here, maybe lose a map however as long as we can see them somewhat decent, they should be taking this. That’s the worrying side of things however, Astralis have been everything but decent for themselves recently, so it is slightly worrying, hence why I will give this match a medium risk instead of low.  80-20 in favor of Astralis here.


I recommend playing the odds here, this is not exactly maxbet territory since Astralis has not been showing too many good signs recently, while Attax has been playing quite well. Like said above, I can see Attax snatching a close map, especially since historically Astralis is the team that likes to mess around a bit, not take teams weaker than them seriously, and it has cost them before, so watch it. I recommend a medium bet here, 7-10% on Astralis if they are above 13%. If they are below, I’d just ICB on Attax or skip. If you wish, you could explore the option to bet on Fanobet that Attax will win at least one map actually.

My odds = 80-20 Astralis

My risk = Medium.

My bet = If ATN above 13%, 7% on Astralis. If below, skip.

My advice = Same as above ”My bet”

My odds for this match: Astralis 80:20 ATN


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