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2016/02/25 19:00 UTC

Winner Fnatic

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Astralis vs. Fnatic at Showmatch

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With the major coming up, both teams will not want to show anything here for a showmatch of honestly not a lot of money for either side. The winner takes 4000 euros, and the loser 1000, so even if one team just wants to get this game over with, they can win some nice money for doing almost nothing.

With that being said, fnatic seem like the type of side that can do no strats, and still run away with this game convincingly. They even do it in officials sometimes, with flusha admitting he just told his guys to do whatever they wanted in some situations. Their skill level is so high that they can do this and still be the best team in the world by a distance. Overall I feel like their level is almost a tier above anyone else, and apart from Envy when on form, I don’t think another team can match them.

Astralis are a side that on paper, have a really impressive roster. They have good players for every position and style and can for sure give fantic a close game, as they showed last weekend. They seem to struggle mentally all the time though, and go from being an amazing team to looking really average almost instantly. They should of beaten fnatic last weekend, but fnatic just went to another level and closed the game out.

I think fnatic have a high chance of taking this game, although I don’t expect either to take it that serious. Beating fnatic for astralis would be a big confidence boost, even in a game like this. With the odds being how they are right now, the only logical bet of any kind is to go LOW on astralis, and hope they can perform and that fnatic won’t care.

My odds for this match: Astralis 40:60 Fnatic


We all know how this is going to end. Astralis are about top5 in the world now and with Fnatic being top1 this should be a bloodbath pretty much. Fnatic are on point and destroying every single team on any map, Astralis still look shaky and I just can’t see Astralis winning this even though they used to be Fnatics ”kryptonite” in the past, this is long gone and Fnatic have been dominating over Astralis for a while now. With this being a BO5 I wouldn’t be surprised when it ends 3:0 in favour of Fnatic. Maybe Astralis can win one or two maps, but I just can’t see them getting three unless Fnatic are having a day off or are just not trying. Sure, the winner gets (only) 4k but last Fight Night was between Fnatic and EnVyUs and Fnatic won this one quite convincingly as well. I’m sure they will give everything here and just win.

Pick: Fnatic

Bet: Medium on Fnatic 10%

My odds for this match: Astralis 35:65 Fnatic


So a BO5 showmatch between these two. Now these two are both obviously just recently back from ESL Barcelona where they both actually met in the finals, Fnatic taking both of the BO1’s, 16:13 and 16:14. Now I feel like Astralis should have had that, even both you could argue however something with Danes and choking, not a good sight. The winner of this BO5 gets 4000 euro, while the loser gets 1000 euro. Now for these guys, split that by 5, that is not a lot of money, however that is quick money, however do not expect them to super tryhard these matches. These guys are friends, and with a major coming up just around the corner, neither team will want to show much here. This might just turn into a pug vs pug, and while that still favors Fnatic, can just come down to who is hitting their shots. Astralis did plow VP pretty hard yesterday across two maps, so that is a bit of confidence, Fnatic did the same but to SK. Not much more to analyse here, neither team will probably cry over losing here, so approach with care. We all know these teams, just 60-40 in favor of Fnatic here.


Just playing the odds here. Odds ar ereally good for Astralis right now, however eh, Fnatic will probably win but w/e, odds are odds. If Fnatic is below 66%, go 2-3% On them here, otherwise 2-3% Astralis which, them currently at 26%, don’t see them going above it.

My odds = 60-40 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Fnatic if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% Astralis

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Astralis 40:60 Fnatic


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