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2016/02/10 19:00 UTC

Winner Astralis

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Astralis vs. G2 at ESL

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Keep in mind, this is the FIRST match on CSGL between these two, the map is INFERNO. 



This map is the pick of Astralis I believe, it usually goes Team on left = picked map + Makes more sense that Astralis would pick Inferno ahead of Cache here. So I do like Astralis on Inferno, kinda obviously since it is such a common map and them being one of the best teams in the world, pretty obvious one that they’d be able to play it. For me Astralis is really inconsistent, especially recently for sure. I do not like betting on them as the favorites since they seem to disappoint so often, however as an underdog – it’s a different story. They played Na’Vi yesterday and well managed to win Mirage because Na’Vi like to choke, and choke hard at that, and Na’Vi won Overpass because well, Astralis like to choke, and choke hard at that, It was basically a story of really one sided halves and who just managed to inch a few rounds out, overall a pretty solid performance from Astralis, depending how you look at it, obviously their halves were horrible but also really good at the same time. Na’Vi is a notch above G2 here, so this should be easier. There isn’t much to really say about Astralis, they should win this if they are all playing on form, these two played a week ago or so on LAN, and honestly Gamers2 should’ve won that, I feel they got robbed but that’s what happens when you fail to close out games, the better opposition takes the initiative.


Now once again, obviously a map here that Gamers2 can play quite well, not their best necessarily however I would not count them out. Now this is obviously basically ex-Titan, just getting that cleared, not Maikelele and the boys no longer. Eitherway, the problem with Gamers2 is obviously their consistency and their failure to close out games. They have the skill to compete with tier 1 teams, and be a tier 1 team, without a doubt in my mind. Shox at one point best player in the world, ScreaM has potential, however especially him, he is way too inconsistent, his form is the worst in the whole team for me, mainly due to his playstyle I feel, however with ScreaM when he is on fire, you really do feel he is on fire. Smithz same thing, he is usually just the balanced middle of the table guy for me, however he as the AWP’er has potential to go absolutely nuts in games and demolish, he has shown it in the past. Now the problem with this team, is just their consistency. They have shown they can beat good tier 1 teams, even in the recent history, or been close, take for example the Gamers2 vs Astralis BO3 on LAN a week ago, should’ve been Gamers2 but they really did choke. G2 are just way too unpredictable for their own good, however I never want to count them out. They can completely collapse, however it is always worth the risk with them because they can produce great things.


Overall I do obviously feel that this is Astralis’ map pick, they should be winning this. They are the better team and as long as they are all landing their shots, playing to their high standards they should be able to take it, by no means a walk in the part, a 16:12 win or so. However, Astralis are just way too unpredictable with their form, I would not bet my house on it, same applies with Gamesr2, Gamers2 by no means are heavy underdogs here, all you really need is a pistol win, the first gun round and a few clutches here and there, or just a player go off, like ScreaM or Shox and you are looking at a potential win. Really high risk game here, I do edge out Astralis at 65-35 however. Just comes down to who lands their shots really.


Going to play the odds here, way too unpredictable. Just comes down to pistols, and who is on form really. As long as Astralis is under 70%, I will place 3% on them, however if they are above it, I will definitely be placing 2-3% on G2 here. Honestly as it looks, not the best of matches to be betting on, odds are really close to the true ones for me however, gotta do what a mans gotta do.

My odds = 65-35 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Astralis unless over 70%, in which case 2-3% G2

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Astralis 65:35 G2


Always been a close series between these two, H2H’s always came down to the wire. These teams played a few days ago on lan where Astralis won 2:1 which they SHOULD have lost as G2 choked at 14:10, the map will be Inferno and Astralis used to be the best Inferno team out there but that’s different now, they’re not playing it as much and even tend to veto it against tier1 teams. G2 on the other hand do seem to be quite comfortable on this map on both T and CT side they manage to get rounds. G2’s Inferno is good enough to beat tier1 teams imo.
In the end I do expect Astralis to take it as I feel like G2 are more of a ”lan team” and really rely on individual skill rather than teamplay whereas for Astralis it’s all teamplay and holding sites.


It will be a really close BO1 but again, I do think Astralis will take it just barely.


Low on Astralis as it’s still a BO1. 7% of your inventory.

My odds for this match: Astralis 65:35 G2


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