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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/01/27 18:00 UTC

Winner ATN

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ATN vs. eXplosive at Operation Kinguin

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ATN the ever improving German side up against the slightly unpredictable CIS team. ATN have been in really good form recently. Taking down E-frag 2-1 was an impressive performance, as was the 2-0 victory against the old LC, the 2-0 victory over NP! And the close loss against SK 2-1, in a game that could of gone either way. They are making really good progress.

The same could have been said for eXplosive, who had a lot of upsets, but seem to have cooled off lately. They were not that impressive at the recent LAN event, being demolished by Gambit, and then losing to BD, in a game I actually thought they would win. They rely on smike a lot, he is their carrier, and if he isn’t on the top of his game, they really struggle. I think he will have his work cut out against keev, and if he loses this battle, ATN will walk away with this 2-0.

The odds are honestly not the best for this game, but you could still argue for going MED on ATN as the chance for them losing this game is slim. Explosive are just back from LAN, and are not in the best form right now, and the German side of ATN are looking more and more impressive. This is still a high risk game as all lower tier matches are, so please don’t bet too high if you can’t afford the risk.

My odds for this match: ATN 70:30 eXplosive


ATN are making the German scene fun and pretty much showing us that there’s definitely good teams in Germany, not just Mousesports and Penta, but also ATN can be considered tier2. This team has been performing extremely well lately. Their most recent match was vs E-Frag and they just won this one. I can see that ATN really worked on their mappool, I remember in the past that their worst map was Dust2 but nowadays it seems to be one of their best. Infact, they beat E-Frag, probably one of the best tier2 team on Dust2 which is really impressive. ATN are improving and definitely want to win this BO3.


I had high expectations from this team but they’re slowly but surely fading away. eXplosive were one of those teams who were able to upset Piter, Arcade, YP at any time but recently, they haven’t been showing us the things they CAN do. eXplosive are definitely in a huge slump, they got completely destroyed at the Minor CIS lan this weekend and weren’t able to beat a single team. Sure, one of their opponents was Gambit, but losing 16-4 to Gambit on Cache is something you shouldn’t be proud with. eXplosive are slumping, and I highly doubt that they’re going to get out of this.


Should be a fairly easy game for ATN. They might be dropping a map, but I really can’t see them dropping two in a row.


When the odds get over 90% then just make sure you skip as I don’t think it’s worth it. If they stay below 90%, then you might be wanting to drop a high / medium bet on ATN.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: ATN 75:25 eXplosive


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