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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/02/16 18:00 UTC

Winner Vexed

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ATN vs. Vexed at Operation Kinguin

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Been analysing these guys a whole bunch recently. Obviously the up and coming German team so to speak here. These guys have been pretty up and down recently, it’s kinda hard to predict when they will be feeling it for a game, however whether or not they are on form or not matters a whole bunch, since when these guys are feeling it, they can be really good, obviously not tier 1 level status or anything like that, however good enough to be beating Vexed. I keep going on and on about Keev, but honestly when this guy is on fire, he can be unbelievable good as an AWP’er, definitely somebody to look out for here, if he is on form and Vexed does not have a response to him, it could be a pretty big decider here. Not much to say really, it just depends if the ATN guys show up here, which they have troubles with at times.


As many of you know, I do not really like Vexed as a team, well what I mean by that is that I do not rate them too highly. Sure they are decent against opposition like this and what not, however they just seem a bit meh. Vexed are not the most consistent of teams either here, their performances have been all over the place recently with a loss to CSGL, Hellraisers, a 1-1 draw against today’s opposition, ATN, a 1-1 tie with Torpedo and then a 2-1 loss versus Envy. I do feel like Vexed are being a bit underestimated here however, they currently find themselves at 40% and honestly I do think that they deserve a bit more, you could even argue that they deserve to be favorites here, and not many questions would necessarily be asked here. To me Vexed is a bit more of a ”even” team compared to ATN, sure there are a few names that stand out in terms of fragging and what not, however to me they don’t rely on certain individuals to have good games as much as ATN do at times, such as in Keev once again. Of course Rallen can be a god at times and the others chip in, however generally, that is just the impression I get, they are more a ”team” so to speak.


To me this is honestly really hard to pick a winner from, especially given that it is a BO3. To me this seems like a pretty 50-50, and you could honestly make a solid argument as to why either side deserves to be favorites here. ATN right not has the better form, however that does not necessarily go too far. These two played on LAN a week or so ago, ended 1-1 in a pretty close battle, so that’s that too. For me this is honestly a 50-50, and just comes down to who is feeling it today, either side is more than capable of taking the W here. Really high risk game, so low bets only here for your own sake.


Going to play the odds here, given that this is such a 50-50 game in my eyes. Simply going to go low 2-3% on the underdog, probably going to be Vexed so I’ll have them listed here as the bet for now. Low bet only, extremely high risk and either could honestly take it.

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Underdog.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: ATN 50:50 Vexed

Hard to predict game as both sides are just back from LAN where both showed good and bad levels. Honestly, watching Vexed play against CSGL in some moments was some of the most painful CS I had to watch. Losing really key rounds by doing really elementary mistakes is something that cannot happen at this level and against ATN they need to ensure their T sides are better, or they will lose this game.

ATN surprised me and in some situations, looked really amazing. They had some dominating performances, and in other places lacklustre ones. Their best player at this event almost was Crisby, who I honestly thought was their weakest before. He had a lot of key rounds for his side. Keev also found his level as the LAN went on, dispelling rumours that he is an onliner.

I think with both sides back from LAN, this match could be a really close one. Both sides showed they have potential to take this game, and as it is hard to call, right now I would suggest going LOW on Vexed. The odds are close to 50-50, with perhaps a slight advantage to ATN so with that being said, playing the odds makes the most sense here. Picking Vexed to win at least 1 map on fanobet might be a good bet too.

My odds for this match: ATN 55:45 Vexed


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